Racing against the Sun

What a week. Before anything else, let me thank the Canadian media for its coverage of the cold cowardice that ISIS claims to be their attack on Paris. Facts, sources, eyewitnesses, careful use of adjectives, respectful, thoughtful reporting for the most part. Of course, one of the American stations we hit,  carried Rush Limbaugh. The pandering to the knuckle dragging racism and ignorance that feeds the hate machine was too much after 15 minutes.

Now, let me talk to you about the joy of driving across this great country and meeting with some of its great people. At every stop people were asking the gas station attendant, or server if they knew the latest about Paris. Those asking would drop and shake their heads at hearing the statistics. Then they paid the bill, grabbed their coffee and went on with their day. After 3 years in Toronto I can tell you Canadians don’t really change when it comes to the human encounter. They have, and give, a little more time in the prairies. In Moose Jaw our Garmin couldn’t find our hotel. As we drove by a city work crew I rolled down my window, (passenger) with Garmin in hand and the guy asked if he could help. We explained the problem and he pointed out we had missed the actual exit from the highway but cheerfully steered us back to the right way.

Coming into that city we passed a place called “Chubby’s Motel”. Look for it in an upcoming Stephen King movie.

We also passed a bible school horse ranch. Do horses have denominational differences?

The vast expanse of this land that is Canada can be boring, or you can look at the farms, the small communities, the fields of cattle, the small oil wells, and marvel at how people make this their home, their community even if it means long drives everyday which are likely much harder in the snows of winter.

This morning we marveled;  at a sunrise that gave us rainbows against a storm system that passed north of us; at the golden shades of the grass and grain stubble that would look so drab an hour later; that made little ripples in the road look like craters.

Once again we lost the race to beat the sun to where ever it is going,, but it did smile at day’s end, promising to be back in the morning. This time we are promised landscapes of mountains, rivers, and villages where other Canadians get up every day, go to work, to school and give a cheerful greeting to a pair of travelers chasing a dream to a place where the sun meets the ocean.

Some place, this Canada, eh?


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